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There are 4 options under FAA rules to make your plane legal to fly. This document attempts to explain who can build the Quicksilver model and which of the 4 ways of certification apply to each Quicksilver model.
1) FAR Part 103 (103):  Anyone can build this Quicksilver Kit and compensation is OK    (Only the Sprint, Sport and possibly GT400 with the Hirth engine if it is kept light qualify).

2) Experimental Amateur-Built (EAB):  These QS kits can be built by anyone as long as no one is paid (All Quicksilver kits can be registered I this category).

3) Experimental Light Sport (ELSA):   Anyone can build this kit and compensation is ok (Only the Sport 2S ELSA Kit works here. GT500 soon to come).

4) Special Light Sport (SLSA):  Only the QS Factory or a Quicksilver Authorized Build Center such a Quicksilver Aircraft Plus can build  these kits (Only the Sport 2S is currently available as an SLSA. GT500 soon to come).

The best idea is,  go Part 103, EAB, ELSA if you are flying for fun and go SLSA if you want to give flight instruction, rent out your plane or start a Dealership.

Each option is addressed on this website in more detail including the Quicksilver models that are eligible for each option.  
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